About surgical masks distribution

Thank you for always staying at City Route Hotel.

For the disease prevention, we prepare surgical masks at the front desk.
Please use one each.

☆ ★ Award ★ ☆

February 14, 2020
" Loved by Guests 2020 Award "
( Popular inn awards selected by customers )
We were awarded! !
We will continue to work hard to make a better hotel.
Thank you for your continued patronage.

Notice to treatment of the infection spread Novel Coronavirus associated pneumonia

♦Hotel staff including the front desk staff wear a surgical mask for safety of guests. 
♦We put alcohol disinfection liquid at the entrance and front desk for guests. 
We also sterilize hands and fingers thoroughly for the disease prevention
♦We sterilize hotel including guest rooms by alcohol disinfection liquid thoroughly. 
Please be at ease and stay.
♦If you are not well conditioned, please have a check-up at the hospital.
We are trying to make sure that everyone can be relieved even a little.
Thank you for your understandings and cooperation in advance.

■ Guide map around the hotel ■

We have provided a map application for smartphones that is convenient for access to the hotel and sightseeing around!
Notation in 4 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
You can see it from the following URL link. Please use it.

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