Banquet room information

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Meetings and parties in Honmachi!

Please use for parties, banquets, year-end parties, welcome and farewell parties, seminars, training ♪
We accept according to the number of people.

Please contact the following for details.
★ ---------------------------------------★
    Reservation / Contact
      Phone: €€ 06-6448-1000
 Email here メ ー ル $
★ ---------------------------------------★

* * 1 The basic fee is 2 hours, and the excess fee is an additional hourly fee.
* The above rates are exclusive of service charge and consumption tax .
* Please contact us for details such as equipment such as whiteboards, signs and flower arrangements.

◎ Use in meetings ◎

We accept layout requests!
School style, theater (only chairs), squares, squares, etc.
It is a meeting space that can be used in various ways ☆ ★

You can bring screen projector and microphone !

★ Other equipment rental
Screen, whiteboard, projector, microphone (2), podium

School style All rooms up to 40 people

School style half room up to 20 people

ㇿ character All rooms up to 30 people
(Table layout: 3 vertical, 2 horizontal)

ㇿ character half room up to 18 people
(Table layout: 2 vertical, 1 horizontal)

U-shape All rooms up to 21 people
(Table layout: 3 vertical, 2 horizontal)

U-shaped half room up to 12 people
(Table layout: 2 vertical, 1 horizontal)

◎ Banquet and drinking party plan ◎

We accept reservations from 10 people ♪ (Group reservations up to 50 people)
If you have a request or budget, feel free to contact us.

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